Ingalls lake is one of those see it to believe it destinations. Accessible via a moderate hike, the lake sits in an impossible location, opposite Mt. Stuart – The largest non volcanic peak in the cascade mountains.

Hold the phone while I nerd out for a second. As it turns out there’s a hot debate amongst geologists as to the origin of Mt. Stuart. You see, It’s a huge chunk of granite. No one argues with that. The granite of Mt. Stuart is completely different than the rocks of the surrounding mountains. It’s also significantly older. No one argues with that either. The point of contention hangs on where the rock came from. One group thinks it’s made it’s way north from as far south as Baja Sur… The other camp believes it originated offshore and was tilted / lifted into place when it collided with the north american plate. *End nerd alert*

Mt Stuart – 9,416 ft
Lake Ingalls – 6,466 ft
Ingalls Pass – 6,493 ft
Headlight Basin – Camp sites
Stuart Pass

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