Installing and customizing ShareThis share buttons on a WordPress site is a piece of cake. If you’re running WordPress, and you’re looking for share buttons with a clean, minimalist appearance, download, install and activate the Share Button plugin from ShareThis.

Start by configuring a set of inline share buttons, and creating an account with ShareThis. The buttons will be automatically installed on your site. Next add the CSS below to your site’s theme. You’ll end up with buttons just like the ones on this post. You can easily change the color of the text and the icons to match your own site by updating the the color and fill attributes below.

#st-1 .st-btn > span { color:#666 !important; } #st-1 .st-btn > svg { fill:#666 !important; } .st-btn{ background-color:transparent !important; }

There you have it: Easy peasy installation and customization of ShareThis Share buttons. It’s not a donk, I grant you that… but it still looks pretty fresh IMO.

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