I’m David

What would you say you do here?


  •  Director UX & Design – ShareThis


  • Creative Director – USA TODAY Sports
  • Owner / Creative Director – Levin Media
  • Art Director – Armada Skis

Once upon a time


Early in my career, I had the distinct honor of working alongside some of the most talented and creative folks in the action sports and outdoors industries.

Key takeaways

Never stop learning

Create great experiences

The process





Share Buttons


 Product history

  • 2007: ShareThis launches one of the first, easy-to-configure multi-channel share buttons
  • 2011: Business pivots to media sales
  • 2012: De-prioritizes and off-shores development and maintenance of sharing buttons
  • 2016: Anemic or negative growth, low conversion, high rates of churn
  • 2017: Re-prioritize commitment to publishers

Design research

Publisher Surveys

Data analysis

Competitive analysis

Configuration exploration

Flow testing


Share button configuration

Interactions and animations

Sticky buttons

On hover animation, hide/show toggle, and responsive behavior

What’s under the hood?

Take the prototypes for a test drive

Download and extract the .zip file. Run the extracted file in Origami Studio. (This was my first full scale attempt using Origami. Fair warning!) ShareButtonConfig.zip
Download and extract the .zip file. Run the extracted file in Origami Studio. StickyButtons.zip






Post Launch

Funnel analysis

Button stats

User testing

For The Win!


In The Beginning

For The Win launched in April 2013 to dramatically grow USA TODAY Sports’ digital audience. Drawing inspiration from BuzzFeed and other digital media upstarts, FTW became the first — and best — social content site focused on sports. The strategy was entirely geared toward social and mobile engagement, as well as the young audiences and behaviors driving content consumption in those circles.

A Brand Is Born

The success has been both critical and practical. FTW is a media darling, with coverage appearing in Digiday, Ad Age, Nieman Lab, Atlantic Wire and Sports Business Journal. The site has grown to as many as 17 million monthly users and generated more than $5 million in 2015, operating at a 70%+ profit margin. In Q3 2015, FTW set records for unique users (40mm, + 14% YOY), organic referrals (44mm, +33% YOY) and page views (128mm (+23% YOY).

2013: FTW v1.0

  • Cluttered UI
  • Poor information architecture
  • Not mobile friendly
  • Minimal business consideration

2014: FTW 2.0

Organize & Stabilize

Mobile first

All about the shares

Business requirements

Ad matrix

A/B testing

When a visitor arrived from Facebook, we showed them only a Facebook share button. This increased shares by ~150%. The same experiment for Twitter was inconclusive.

Redesigning share buttons and adding a call to action above the buttons increased clicks by 3% at the top of the article, and 18% at the bottom of the article.

Removing infinite scroll from the bottom of mobile article pages increased overall page engagement (clicks) by 16%

Removing thumbnails from the sidebar decreased module clicks by 23%. Increasing the size of thumbnail images increased clicks by 32%.  Moving the sidebar from right to left increased module clicks an additional 19%, and increased overall page engagement by 3.4%

2015: FTW 3.0

Create a scaleable publishing platform

Improve readability across devices

Implement A/B test results

Maximize value for advertisers

Increase in unique visits YOY
Mobile audience
Of USA TODAY's total social referrals
Sites running lawrence


WooCommerce Analytics

WooCommerce Analytics

Accessible color palettes for data visualization

Accessible color palettes for data visualization

ShareThis Share Buttons

ShareThis Share Buttons

ShareThis Audience Builder

ShareThis Audience Builder

Coastline Android App

Coastline Android App

ShareThis Brand Guidelines

ShareThis Brand Guidelines

Coastline Promo Video

Coastline Promo Video

ShareThis Interactive Prototyping

ShareThis Interactive Prototyping

For The Win!

For The Win!

USA TODAY Bracket Challenge

USA TODAY Bracket Challenge

MMA Junkie App

MMA Junkie App

Ski Time!

Ski Time!

Rincon Drone Sessions