A common challenge for designers is accurately communicating complex interactions, animations, or other UX/UI intensions to product and engineering teams, as well as other stakeholders inside and outside of their organizations.
Building interactive prototypes clearly communicates UX/UI intention to product and engineering teams, resulting in higher quality products in less time. User testing with hi-fidelity interactive prototypes also provides a significantly better understanding of how people will actually interact with and respond to a product.

Origami Studio is a new prototyping tool developed by Facebook. Origami was leveraged extensively while revamping ShareThis’ share  button creation tool, and the share button UX/UI when embeded on a publishers content.

Inline buttons:

mobile experience

Inline buttons:

desktop experience

Sticky buttons:

On hover animation, hide/show toggle, and responsive behavior

What’s under the hood?

Take the sticky buttons prototype for a test drive.

Begin by downloading and installing Origami Studio. It’s is a free OSX app.
Download, and extract the .zip file linked below. Run the extracted file in Origami Studio. StickyButtons.zip